"Do small things with great love."  -Mother Theresa
Editor: Jehan Seirafi
March 2013


Help Save Our Neighbor Dhan Bahadur

A young neighbor of Papa's House needs a new kidney. His mom will donate hers. Read below on how you can help or click here to donate.

NOH at the Cleveland Film Festival

The Nepali film Highway will be showing at the 2013 Cleveland International Film Festival, and NOH will be there. Read below for tickets and info.




Nepal Orphans Home has always tried to be a good neighbor and over the years we have come to the aid of many in need here in Dhapasi, from providing the education to children of very poor families to occasional food or other emergency relief.

Last month we were approached with a request to help a 17-year-old boy suffering from “end stage acute renal failure.” Dhan Bahadur Bohara is from a village quite distant from Kathmandu but was brought here for treatment by his extremely poor parents. He receives hemodialysis twice a week. His surgeon has advised the need for a transplant is great and imminent.

In Nepal there is no insurance or socialized medicine. Dhan's mother is a match, but to receive treatment, even in trauma cases the family must pay up front for all the cost. The total cost is between $7,500 and $9,700. Dhan will spend his life on immunosuppressive medication, which are approximately $175 per month.

Nepal Orphans Home has committed to raise $10,000 for the operation and Dhan's first year of medication.

If you would like to contribute to this cause we greatly appreciate it. You can read more about Dhan, read an interview with him, and donate at



Nepal Orphans Home is proud to be a community partner for the Nepali film Highway at the 2013 Cleveland International Film Festival! 

The 37th Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) will take place from April 3-14 and will include 178 feature films and 164 short subjects films from 65 different countries. Screenings for Highway are scheduled for Thursday, April 11, at 12:20 and Friday, April 12, at 9:50 p.m. at Tower City Cinemas.

Nepal Orphans Home will host the screenings and the film’s director, Deepak Rauniyar, will be in attendance. Use NOH’s discount code “NEPAL” when ordering your tickets for ANY film at the festival and receive $2.00 off the purchase price of each ticket!  Please help us spread the word by forwarding this message to friends and family, especially those in Northeast Ohio. 

Highway premiered at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival, one of biggest and most prestigious film festivals of the world, becoming the first film from Nepal ever to screen at a major international festival.  Highway received early backing from producer Danny Glover and has opened the door to discussions of present-day issues in Nepal on a very personal level.  The film has also been shown at the Montreal World Film Festival and Mill Valley Film Festival.

Highway_poster 3Synopsis of the film:  
All aboard the bus to Kathmandu!  As if the mountain terrain weren’t challenging enough, our bus is repeatedly stopped by bandhs—spontaneous civil disobedience blockades—a frequent phenomenon since the end of the civil war. Meanwhile, a young woman can’t decide between her boyfriend and the fiancé arriving to marry her; a gay man hopes to reunite with his estranged lover; a soldier rushes to his wife in time to try out a fertility potion he’s swallowed (not knowing she’s kept some secrets from him); and the bus driver knows the woman he loves may be forced back into prostitution if he doesn’t show up with money for her sick child. Deepak Rauniyar’s debut feature has provoked a tumultuous response from Nepali audiences with its realistic characters and their taboo-shrouded issues. Rendered in an improvised cinematic style that heightens an already wild ride, Highway is being called the harbinger of a new era in Nepali filmmaking.

For more information, or if you’re interested in a screening of the film in your area, please contact Carola Drosdeck 

Watch a trailer for the film here.

Read more about the Cleveland International Film Festival.



Nepal Orphans Home receives no government support and relies on the contributions of individuals sharing our mission to provide for the welfare of children in Nepal who are rescued from slavery,orphaned, abandoned, or otherwise not supported by their parents.

Please help support our amazing kids by making a donation in any amount at our website. A wish list is available for those who wish to make contributions for specific purposes. Alternatively, various gift packages and descriptions of current projects are available at Universal Giving.

If you would like to make a stock donation, please contact Barbara Hess, Treasurer of NOH, Inc., at to obtain the routing number for our account.

Contribute just by conducting internet searches using the Goodsearch search engine at and designating Nepal Orphans Home as the recipient of the funds raised by your searches. Goodsearch can also be used for online shopping, through which leading companies donate a portion of the sales to Papa's House. We have also been informed that it is possible to donate money while you browse the web on a new, free, Firefox-based browser called GlobalMojo.