News and Special Events

January 25, 2019

"My name is Chili and I resemble Chili because I get angry very quickly," said Gita (8th grader), during the warm-up introduction session of the workshop (The Power of Choice) led by one of our volunteers .   Lieutenant Commander Santosh Chetteri (an ex-navy captain) owns three businesses and leads a leadership organization in Nepal.  The workshop was fun!  A number of activities were followed by a task and then a presentation activity by the participant students, keeping everyone involved. During the session he shared his insight and philosophy on making choices.  Along with this, Santosh explained the important of practicing the widening of space when making a choice between what happens to us (Stimulus) and how we respond to it (Response). His philosophy says, "In that space lies our ability to make a choice."

Prashanna Bista, Director of the Chelsea Education and Community Center

January 1, 2019

It was the best first day of the year!  We, the teachers of Chelsea, could clearly feel the excitement and warm presence from each child as they entered the gate of Chelsea. The workshop hall was waiting patiently for the children to be filled with their excitement and laughter. The talk show workshop was held as soon as they entered the hall.

As always Prashanna gave a lecture--more than a lecture--a vision of our future. He gave us some work to do which was to write about our 2019 evolution.  In this session, the children were so honest with themselves and wrote down a few commitments for themselves to do things better in 2019. After reading through all the writings, a feeling of relief and joy filled my own visionless mind.  I, too, got a strong feeling to write down my 2019 evolution. The words of these students made a difference in my life this year.

Sumi Devkota, evening teacher